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Obtaining British Registry for small ships (less than 150 tons) and yachts in TCI is relatively straightforward.


  • In order to qualify for registration a ship must be owned by an individual or entity that qualifies under the UK Shipping Acts.

  • Where an individual is not a TCI or UK citizen ownership of the vessel in question is typically transferred to a TCI registered company (which may be domestic or an IBC) by Bill of Sale prior to the application for registration.

  • Individuals considering the Turks & Caicos should be aware that in 1993 the UK categorized the TCI Registry (along with several other dependent territories) as a Category 2 Registry.  As a result, applications for registration in TCI is restricted to ships of less than 150 tons. 

  • There are limited exceptions to the tonnage restrictions such as: (a) fishing vessels; (b) passenger vessels whose activities are restricted to Turks & Caicos waters; and (c) instances where the Governor of TCI and the UK Secretary of State have decided that it would be inappropriate to require a vessel to be registered elsewhere.


Dempsey & Company is in a position to expedite and simplify all aspects of the Registration process, including:  

  • Incorporation of a local company (where necessary) and related advices;

  • Checking availability of vessel names;

  • Assisting with the preparation and submission of applications generally;

  • Advising on and organizing ships surveys in TCI and abroad (Note the TCI Registry will accept surveys carried out by recognized Societies such as Bureau Veritas and Lloyds of London);

  • Advising on and organizing engravings; drafting and preparation of rental/leasing agreements between the company and the client;

  • Drafting of waiver of liability agreements for commercial and pleasure craft;

  • Advising in relation to insurance issues and the structuring of and access to mutual assurance associations;

  • Obtaining radio licences;

  • Advising in relation to TCI cruising permits and import duties payable on vessels staying within the islands.

Feel free to contact us outlining your situation and we will be pleased to provide more detailed information in relation to the costs, timeframes and other considerations which can be anticipated.

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