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The Turks & Caicos Islands is a Common Law, British Dependent Territory which places no restrictions on foreign investment in real estate, the currency is the US dollar, and the language is English.  These factors alone make the islands a particularly attractive and convenient jurisdiction for many individuals considering acquiring a second residence or working in the islands. 

There are six categories of residency in TCI which arise in different ways, namely:

  • Temporary Residence Permits - which are 30 day permits granted to tourists on arrival (can be extended on application for a further 30 days).

  • Residence Permits - which entitle individuals to reside in the islands for a period of one year from the date of issuance at a cost to Government of US$1000.00 per annum.

  • Permanent Residence Permits (PRC's)  -  PRC's last for the duration of the life of the holder and extend to the holder's spouse and dependents (until the age of majority when they can apply for their own PRC).  PRC's are issued to applicants who have made the requisite investment in TCI and come either with the right to work (i.e. individuals who have held work permits for 5 years) and without the right to work (i.e. the retirement investment category).  The investment prerequisite for PRC's in the retirement category varies depending on where the investor acquires property.  The fee payable to Government on issuance of a PRC also varies depending upon the category of the Applicant.

    View a schedule of the Government fees payable on application and issuance of PRC's.

  • Work Permits

    Non-Turks & Caicos Islanders require work permits in order to work in the Islands.  The majority of work permits are issued on a year to year basis however it is possible to obtain permits for 3 years (employed persons) and 5 years (self-employed persons).  It tends to be easier to obtain permits in the self-employed category as applications of non-Belonger employees must demonstrate that the employer was not able to find a suitably qualified Belonger for the post.

    Employees’ work permit applications are generally handled by the employer or through law firms or companies retained by the employer.  Organizing, submitting and pursuing a work permit application is an involved process and self-employed persons are best served retaining professional assistance with initial applications. 

    Government work permit fees range from US$100 per annum in the farming category to US$7,000 for professionals and business managers.  The Immigration Regulations were amended twice in 2001 alone, increasing work permit fees significantly to bring TCI into line with neighboring jurisdictions. 

    More detailed information on the fees currently payable for work permits can be found here.

  • Citizenship/Belongership - although logically separate (the grant of TCI passports falls under the British Nationality Act - whereas the discretion to grant Belongership rests with TCI Government) these two categories tend to be bound together.  Belongership status entitles an individual to vote in general elections, be considered for public offices, and so forth.   The possibility of acquiring Belongership status for persons not born to TCI citizens is generally restricted to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the islands.

If you are considering living and/or working in TCI or have related questions, feel free to contact us by email or otherwise and we will be happy to provide you with further, more detailed information, relating to the requirements, projected costs and considerations.

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